Here at the Cuttery, we are skilled in all hair types! Curly hair, fine hair, long hair, short styles, layered long and short haircuts. All types of clipper cuts, high and tight fades, gentleman’s fades, flat tops, rockabilly, mohawks, fauxhawks, haircuts that don’t look like haircuts! We do it all!!

We will use all of our tools to create style greatness that will also be fantastic through the grow out.

Feel free to bring photos, props, your eighth grade picture ,anything that you think will achieve the look you are after!

All of us Cosmetologists are ever evolving our techniques and skills through ongoing education inside and outside the salon.

We do complete styling in an a la carte fashion. If you just want a haircut, absolutely. If you would like a shampoo, blowdry style with that haircut, definitely. We also offer hot iron work, flat iron, curling iron, crimping iron.

We love Styling! Braiding, updo work, blown out styles, curls, straightening, all of it!

We hope this gives you a greater scope of all that we offer here at the Cuttery.

Color services by appointment only!